A&P Group Welcomes Bangladeshi Officials on Health and Safety Fact Finding Visit

Thursday 6th October 2011

A&P Group’s Falmouth yard has welcomed five high-ranking Bangladeshi civil servants to the docks and marine engineering site to advise on the company’s health and safety procedures.

The group visited the site as part of a fact-finding mission on how to improve health and safety standards within Bangladeshi industry.

Peter Child, Managing Director of A&P Falmouth, said: “As recognised leaders in health and safety, we were delighted to welcome the Bangladeshi civil servants to the docks.

“A&P is the largest private employer in West Cornwall, with 450 employees and the health and safety of our staff is our number one priority. We operate a safety first policy across the dock yard.

“A&P is committed to carrying out its activities in a safe, professional and ethical manner whilst operating in an environmentally responsible way and we are mindful of our responsibilities to our work force and the people, businesses and the surrounding area in which we operate.”
The Bangladeshi contingency were given a tour of the yard and a full health and safety induction. They were shown how A&P Groups deals with the disposal of hazardous materials and shown the importance of basic health and safety procedures, such as wearing a hard hat, overalls and boots.
Kevan Johnston, senior steward for the GMB Union representing 120 docks workers in Falmouth, said: “At A&P our attitude to health and safety is the best in the business – a reputation we are fiercely proud of.
“We are always looking at ways of strengthening our health and safety procedures and constant staff training is vital.

“Any advice we could give that helps improve health and safety in Bangladesh has to be a good thing, and we hope our visitors go home and put some of these procedures into place.”

A&P Group carries out rigorous health and safety, environmental and quality procedures throughout its business including the A&P site in Falmouth. The company provides information, instruction, training and supervision to all employees on an ongoing basis.

A&P ensure that effective systems and processes are implemented and all employees combine safety, health, quality and environmental awareness with good working practices.
A&P Group cooperate at all times with the relevant authorities and regulatory bodies to ensure new developments are adhered to and comply with regulations and environmental laws.

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