Cruise Ship Adonia Leaves Falmouth Ahead of Schedule

Monday 30th January 2012

A&P Falmouth’s planning and round-the-clock working has ensured P&O Cruise’s newest ship, Adonia, is due to leave Falmouth a day ahead of schedule.

The 30,000 tonne ship arrived in the port in the early hours of Sunday for unscheduled repairs in dry dock at A&P. She docked at 2.30am and work began at 6am, as soon as the dock was dry. To assist this, A&P managed to re-shuffle other vessels in the docks, with the approval of their owners, to accommodate Adonia.

With just four days allowed to complete the essential maintenance before Adonia begins an 87-night world cruise on Friday (13), it was all hands on deck at the busy yard.

Peter Child, Managing Director of A&P Falmouth, said: “We gave a major commitment to complete the work within the four day window, and we have delivered to ensure this happened. We are delighted to say the work was finished ahead of schedule, and Adonia will undock this evening and sail for Southampton a day ahead of schedule.

“This is partly because we have had around 60 of our highly skilled staff working on the job 24/7, and partly because we worked extremely closely with P&O and Adonia’s crew, who were a credit to the ship. Everybody involved will be pleased to see the ship sail out of Falmouth early and we hope to be seeing P&O Cruises as returning customers in future.”

Adonia will leave Falmouth this evening en route for Southampton, where she will pick up passengers to start the cruise.

Mr Child said: “A&P prides itself on being able to react quickly and work flexibly, making space for customers with urgent needs wherever possible, and we are delighted to have been able to do that for Adonia.”

Adonia, which can carry up to 710 passengers, has been highly visible on the Falmouth skyline and crowds have gathered above the docks over the past few days to get a good view of her.


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