Ships line up for work at A&P Falmouth

Tuesday 23rd April 2013

This week saw the docking in Falmouth of four ships, RFA Mounts Bay, Serco tugs Eileen &  Foreceful and the River Class patrol vessel, HMS Severn.

Also alongside under repair at Falmouth is RFA Lyme Bay, which has undergone alternator repairs and will complete in time to sail to join the major Operation Joint Warrior.  The RFA Argus, which is base-berthed in Falmouth, is currently undergoing a refit period and is progressing on schedule.

Having successfully completed the Highland Valour for Gulf Offshore, the Highland Rover is due to dock on Monday 15 April. Global Marine’s cable layer, Wave Sentinel currently in Falmouth’s No 3 dock will undock and complete alongside.

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