Normand Pioneer Mobilization client TOWL

Wednesday 24th April 2013

Installation of electrically driven Carousel weighing 176 Tons, this Carousel is only one part of specially designed & installed equipment to assist in the deployment of Sub Sea cables. Prime mover is 4 x Electrically powered Gearbox / sprocket drive shaft motors which in turn drives the carousel via a chain fixed to the outer circumference  of the Carousel. This Carousel had been previously modified by A&P Tyne to increase the handling capacity up to 1200 Tons of product. Carousel size approx 17 Metres in diameter with and overall height of approx 7 Metres

The Loading Tower which is located aft of the Carousel provides a means of directing and pre-tensioning the product from the Carousel to the Final 15 Ton tensioner located aft of the Tower via a hydraulically operated swinging arm for loading  the 7.5 Ton  pre- tensioner located on top of the Tower and finally a quadrant located on the after most side of the Tower to align the product to the 15 Ton tensioner, before it is deployed overboard.

The Tower weighs approx 60 Tons  and stands approx 15 metres high .

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