A&P Falmouth welcomes back Pride of Kent

Tuesday 28th January 2014

The Pride of Kent is 179.70m long and can carry 2,000 passengers and 550 cars or 115 freight units, she arrived in A&P Falmouth’s Queen Elizabeth Dock on 19th January, and will be followed by the Pride of Burgundy at the end of the month.

The Pride of Kent has a very distinctive funnel marking, made up of the company’s house flag.  The flag dates back to the Company’s origins and bears the colours of the royal families of Portugal (blue and white) and Spain (red and gold),  This royal seal of approval was granted to P&O’s founders, Brodie McGhie Willcox and Arthur Anderson, following their support for the legitimist causes in the Civil Wars in Portugal and Spain in the early 1830s.  A handy rhyme has reminded P&O crew how to fly the flag ever since:  “Blue to the mast, Red to the fly, Yellow to the deck and White to the Sky”!

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