Topaz Commander Dry-Docks at A&P Tyne

Thursday 8th May 2014

A&P Group were pleased to welcome Topaz Marine to their Tyne facility. The Topaz Commander sailed from the West Coast of Africa to the Tyne for Specialist Repairs. The Scope of Work included repairs to 3 Tunnel Thrusters, 1 Compass Thruster, 2 Main Propulsion Shafts, Propellers and Rudders. for full overhaul, stripping and cleaning of Alternator Motors and bearing renewal. All Tanks, (Water Ballast, Fuel Oil and Fresh Water) were opened up for survey and repairs completed as required.

The vessels 15 year special survey was carried out to ABS rulings inclusive of UT readings of the Hull and general repairs throughout. Repairs were completed in both the Tyne’s Dry-Dock (259x44m) and the Berth area (360m).

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