A&P Falmouth shortlisted for prestigious Green Award

Wednesday 12th November 2014

Earlier this year A&P Falmouth completed its second major renewables project, Seatricity’s next generation Oceanus II, which is the first device to be deployed at Cornwall’s offshore renewable energy test facility WaveHub.

A&P has been part of the development team from concept design to final build. The design being critical to how the drawings depict the final build;  by being part of this procedure A&P was able to identify cost savings and manufacturing engineering techniques to help keep the cost down and to maintain a low cost of energy base, often measured in power output to device weight.

A&P Falmouth is becoming a one-stop-shop for device developers – including concept, manufacture, deployment and through-life support – and the vast supply chain that can assist the developer are all contained within the South West Marine Energy Park, Offshore Renewable Development Programme, Marine Offshore Renewables and Cornwall Marine Network.

The system sees energy provided by pressurized sea water being pumped through a motor to convert into electrical power. A desalinization process is also attainable, and the aim is for an array of 60 devices to deliver 10 MW of sustainable power – enough for 10,000 homes.


Now, together, A&P Falmouth & Seatricity have been shortlisted for the Best Renewable Energy Scheme in the SW Green Energy Awards 2014. The Awards Ceremony takes place in Bath on 25th November 2014.

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