A busy time for A&P Falmouth

Tuesday 25th November 2014

November is proving to be a very busy month for A&P Falmouth with all docks full and a good order book for months ahead.

Currently in port for repair are Solstad’s offshore supply vessel Normand Progress, Red Funnel’s ferry Red Falcon, and Beltship Management’s Gypsum Centennial (pictured below).

RFA Argus left from Falmouth in October to take up its tasking to help fight the outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone, and coincidentally the Gypsum Centennial, whose charity is All as One Orphanage in Sierra Leone, will soon be setting sail back to the country with a huge consignment of aid for the Orphanage and other charities through an appeal coordinated by A&P Falmouth.

Even though Falmouth is busy, please contact the A&P Group if you need space.

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