Wave, Tidal & Offshore Floating Wind

A&P Energy can offer worldwide development management for wave, tidal and offshore Floating Wind developers. Paul Weston, A&P Group Renewable Energy Technical Manager is currently involved in various funded projects working collaboratively with major renewable companies throughout the sector and comments as follows:

“A&P Group is very well positioned in the South West and North East regions of the U.K. and has abundant facilities, capabilities, knowledge and marine heritage to be able to assist the sector in the development of these highly complex devices. We constantly strive to push the boundaries on development and manufacturing techniques to deliver lower costs and thus to save the customer on both price and time but still maintaining quality. We work very closely with industry and academia, together with the specialist renewable organisations such as; South West Marine Energy Park, Marine Offshore Renewables and both the FabTest and WaveHub test sites.  It is a known fact that where test sites are located, industry, work and jobs will follow.”

A&P Group are dedicated to the Renewable Energy Sector to assist the industry in the constant evaluation of costs to achieve a Lower Cost of Energy.


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