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The A&P North East Business is focused on delivering a safe, quality, cost effective and efficient service for all of our customers.
The major strength of the business is its personnel; both our workforce and sub-contractors are able to meet our customer’s demands on a genuine 7 day a week service.
The safety culture on site is underpinned by proven procedures, which have enabled the yards to develop a good safety record.

Our two North East England facilities provide our customers with world class ship repair, conversion and fabrication services across the marine and energy sectors.  The region is known for its engineering history and therefore we have an excellent subcontractor base to support all multi-discipline project requirements.

The Tyne yard boasts the largest commercial dry-dock on the east coast of England supplemented with two deep water berths and a significant modern fabrication facility complete with panel line, rolling, plasma and gas burning machines, which are complemented by a highly skilled and flexible workforce.
There is extensive storage and load-out capability with fully equipped workshops covering all trades required to carry out projects from relatively simple ship repair to major complex ship conversions.

Located on one of the busiest rivers in the UK, our 5 acre Tees yard consists of two dry docks and 240m of jetty frontage.  With extensive workshop facilities, cranes up to 40 tonnes and a secure tank washing facility the Tees yard is considered a centre of excellence for offshore vessels, dredgers and tankers.

Among our customer base we boast a number of Oil Majors and their key contractors as well as the UK Ministry of Defence and some well-known national and worldwide shipping groups. In addition to major marine projects our fabrication facilities lend them self to building offshore modules, subsea structures, and new ship sections.

Both yards have excellent transport links, with International airports within 20km of each yard, major mainline rail connections and ferry services to Europe all within easy reach.

Key Information

Average Tides - Tyne (above chart datum)

  • Mean high water springs 5.0m
  • Mean low water springs 0.7m

Average Tides - Tees (above chart datum)

  • Mean high water springs 5.5m
  • Mean low water springs 0.9m

Dock No.1 - Tyne

  • Length 259m
  • Breadth at entrance 44m
  • Maximum breadth inside 45.7m
  • Block Height 1.4m

Dock No. 5 - Tees

  • Length 175.3m
  • Breadth at entrance 22.2m
  • Maximum breadth inside 23.4m
  • Blocks L 1.63m
  • Blocks H 1.37m
  • Blocks W 0.46m
  • Depth of sill below Chart Datum 1.37m

Dock No. 6 - Tees

  • Length 120m
  • Breadth at entrance 17.3m
  • Maximum breadth inside 18.6m
  • Blocks L 1.63m
  • Blocks H 1.37m
  • Blocks W 0.46m
  • Depth of sill below Chart Datum 0.37m

Quays - Tyne

  • West Quay D 7.5m, L160m
  • Bede Quay D 8.5m, L200m

Quay - Tees

  • Jetty D 10-30m, L240m

Cranes - Tyne

  • A: Load 100T Max Outreach 43m
  • C: Load 100T Max Outreach 43m
  • D: Load 50T Max Outreach 40m
  • E: Load 10T Max Outreach 40m
  • F: Load 40T Max Outreach 41m
  • H: Load 8T Max Outreach 51m

Cranes - Tees

  • 1: Load 40T Max Outreach 25m
  • 2: Load 30T Max Outreach 27m
  • 3: Load 15T Max Outreach 27m
  • 4: Load 6T Max Outreach 20m

Workshop Areas

  • Steel 20,759m2
  • Joinery Shop 475m2
  • Engineering workshop 1,235m2
  • Pipework 1,530 m2

We strive to improve the facilities on a year to year basis. Examples of recently completed improvements include:


• Dredging of our yard frontage clearing all TBT (Tributyltin) contaminants. This both improves our draft capability and contributes to cleaning the river environment.


• Fabrication Facility upgrade with the installation of a panel line and steel cutting equipment.


• West Quay rebuild which has created a 4,800m2 fully serviced working quay with load out facility with a load capacity of 10T/m


• Machine Shop overhaul with the introduction of new equipment


• Cranage overhauls which maintains our on-site lifting capabilities


• Resurfacing areas between Dry Docks 5 & 6 equating to approximately 1000 sq.m


• Dry Dock 6 gate refurbishment – Steel & Structural repair


• Dock Pump overhaul – shaft renewal & bearing replacement


• Implementation of Waste transfer area to crate hard standing for skips & waste storage


• Installation of Hard standing area for bulk gas & waste oil storage

Facility Videos

360° Tours

Tees Facility - Dock 6

Tees Facility - Dock 5

Tyne Facility - Dock

Tyne Facility - West Quay

Tyne Facility - Dock

Tyne Facility - Dock

Tyne Facility - Panel Line

Tyne Facility - Main Assembly Hall

Tyne Facility - Main Assembly Hall


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