Clusters 1 & 2

A&P Group is at the forefront of a major initiative providing a whole-ship maintenance approach on a long-term basis for the RFA Flotilla via the RFA Clusters contract.

Since 2004, A&P Group, in conjunction with the RFA, undertook a pilot contract to establish the feasibility of ship repair contractors having a more active role in the maintenance of the RFA Flotilla. This resulted in A&P Group being awarded a 5-year rolling contract in 2008 for five ships, taking responsibility for all support activities.

The UK’s A&P Group was awarded a major long term contract by UK MoD Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) for the long term maintenance of four RFAs.  Having demonstrated excellent value for money to the Ministry of Defence, and a track record of delivery of complex projects on time and within budgets, the contract has been extended for a further 5 years until June 2018.

  • Cluster 1 – the Primary Casualty Reception Facility and Aviation Training Ship RFA Argus (A135)
  • Cluster 2 – three Bay-class Landing Ship Dock (Auxiliary) vessels, RFA Cardigan Bay (L3009), RFA Lyme Bay (L3007) and RFA Mounts Bay (L3008).

In addition to repair facilities at its UK yards, A&P Group also provides the  DE&S with a global repair and maintenance outreach for the two clusters which incorporates the following:

  • A partnering arrangement between the UK MoD’s Afloat Support Directorate and A&P which involves MoD and A&P staff working together to deliver TLS to ships.
  • The establishment of a single collocated Cluster Support Team (CST) in a purpose-built office consisting of 12 A&P staff, 6 MoD staff and representatives from major suppliers.  The CST, its office accommodation and its IT infrastructure were designed to be expanded to take on the support of further ships.
  • Provision of, or access to, all of the skills needed to manage the support of ships.
  • On-site access to the maintenance management systems, configuration management data, documentation and drawings for the ships.
  • Agreements, tested over time, with ship repair yards that can undertake complex work packages in the ships’ areas of operation.  In the UK, work packages are undertaken in A&P’s yards in Falmouth or on the Tyne, or wherever the ships are berthed.
  • A trusted supply chain and network of subcontractors, with long-term agreements in place for the most important providers.
  • Development of an in-house design capability with access to design houses for more complex projects.

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