Project: Normand Seven

The task for the team at A&P Tyne was to install and commission all the operational pipelaying equipment in an aggressive timeframe – the steel structures required to support this equipment and provide a working platform were over 800te in weight alone.

The structures were fabricated and extensively outfitted in smaller modules prior to the vessel’s arrival at A&P Tyne. Once the vessel was in dry-dock the modules, weighing up to 250te each, were lifted and located on board. The manufacturing challenge didn’t end there as the prefabricated modules and the pipe-laying equipment had to be positioned with millimetre accuracy to ensure optimum performance. During the project all parties worked together to ensure that a safe working environment was maintained.

This resulted in a true safety first culture within the whole team which in turn delivered excellent project safety performance. This was especially challenging given the scale and complexity of the project and the number of simultaneous operations (ranging from construction through to commissioning) required to deliver the project.

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