Project: North Ocean 102

This project involved the installation and provision of services to all of the operational cable laying equipment on the new build vessel ‘North Ocean 102’. Once completed the vessel was required to install cables on the ‘Gjoa’ and ‘Britned’ projects for ABB.

The major items of cable laying equipment comprised of a rotating carousel and two off tensioners with a combined weight of over 1,000te. The largest equipment lift was a 355te and 27m diameter carousel grillage which was lifted at a radius of 41m. In addition the steel structures fabricated by A&P that were required to support this equipment weighed 360te.

Throughout the duration of the project all parties strived to ensure that a safe working environment was maintained. Once again this safety first culture delivered excellent project safety performance.

Before the work could begin on the equipment installation on the NO102 the wooden deck had to be removed, the ship docked to plate in the moon pool and the carousel lifted from the barge ‘AMT Explorer’ on which it had been previously installed. This was carefully planned and coordinated so that as the carousel was lifted off the barge it could be placed immediately on the North Ocean 102 thus ensuring the operation was completed in the minimum time. The execution of the heavy lift phase of the project went precisely to plan which given the size and complexity of the lifts involved was considered a great success by the joint A&P and Global Marine mobilization team.

To add to the complexity of the project the cable laying equipment had to be positioned with millimetre accuracy – to achieve this extensive surveying of the equipment and ships structures were undertaken.

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