Project: RFA Fort Austin

Afloat Support Directorate UK MoD | 2008

The scope of work involved upgrades to the internal and external communications fits, new bridge and command arrangements, improved helicopter landing aids and improved fire suppression systems. The project also involved increasing the capability of the ship by fitting a variety of defensive weapons systems, together with a large amount of planned maintenance work to ensure the ship continues to operate efficiently and remains within Lloyds Register Classification.

The project scope includes extensive structural, mechanical, and electrical systems repair and general upgrading work. Additionally there was a significant A&A package in aid of the life extension upgrades including:

  • Removal of the eight existing diesel generator sets and the installation of four new Wartsila replacements units.
  • Upgrading of machinery space ventilation, main switchboard and service supply installations to accommodate the above.
  • Renewal of four working air and starting air general compressors sets.
  • Renewal of four cargo HVAC compressors sets.
  • Renewal of reverse osmosis fresh water generation plant.
  • Upgrading of the operating mechanisms to three of the six large cargo lifts, and one passenger lift.

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