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Duration 27/04/21
Location Tyne

Purpose of Role:

Supporting the Quality Manager to ensure that project quality standards are maintained and improved, ensure compliance with stipulated procedures and process utilised in the manufacturing processes

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Custodian for all project inspection test plans:

  • Inspection Test Plans
  • Review of client intellectual property to determine quality requirements, i.e. material grade(s), welding processes, NDE requirements, intervention points, acceptance criteria, verifying records and any stipulated intervention points for client / other interested parties.
  • Liaise with project personnel to determine build sequence.
  • Arrange for submission, amendment as required.
  • Monitor progress of build, provide 2 weeks look ahead and liaise with production/project personnel to determine any changes to the project plan.
  • Sign off completed activities and arrange for customer sign off said activities.
  • Liaise with project engineer to establish predicated upcoming interventions points for the client (hold/witness points) provide 2/3 week lookahead in accordance with project stipulated timescales.
  • Mark-up ITP’s at workstations with activity status thus providing interested parties with visual indicator as to progress and next witness/hold point.
  • Maintain spread sheets for ITP approval and hold point status.
  • Compile project related KPI’s / Metrics

Manufacturing Records :

  • Ensure all reports generated during manufacturing process are completed in timely manner, are totally legible and retained within the manufacturing record books.
  • Inspection notification requests are endorsed by the client on-site team and copies retained within MRB’s.
  • Ensure that the Weld/NDE spread sheets are being regularly updated with all the relevant information.

Inspections :

  • Conduct weekly surveillance tour of the units and ensure any quality concerns are brought to the attention of the project / production teams.
  • Review resources, liaise with project/production to determine build priorities and discuss with Quality Manager any concerns in achieving required targets. (undertake weld inspection as and when required)
  • Ensure all non-conformances are recorded via A&P non-conformance process, all NC’s are investigated to determine root cause and verification of corrective and correction actions are recorded.
  • Custodian of all client notifications ensuring they are investigated, A&P internal NC report generated and all are recorded on A&P tracker to ensure any trends can be identified and reported.
  • Conduct surveillance tours of shop floor to monitor correct ITP’s and WPS’s are posted at work stations.

Meetings and Reports

  • Compile weekly status report for both A&P and the client indicating; the client notification status, inspection status, ITP status (approval and hold points) provide the client with 2/3 week lookahead for witness/hold points.
  • Attend weekly project progress and quality meeting

Qualifications and Experience

  • Fabrication / Welding background
  • Experience of leading a quality function

Direct applicants only - Strictly NO recruitment agencies

To apply for this vacancy please send your CV including your salary expectations to the Human Resources Department – Laura Parker, HR Manager laura.parker@ap-group.co.uk

  Closing Date – 27th April 2021

Contact Details

Name: Laure Parker

Email: laura.parker@ap-group.co.uk


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