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Lady Sponsor Visits Tidesurge 89 3

A&P Falmouth recently welcomed the Lady Sponsor of RFA Tidesurge as she came to see the tanker’s high profile UK customisation.

RFA Tidesurge arrived at A&P Falmouth in March and is now at the end of its four-month programme of military customisation and fit-out to UK MOD standards before undergoing Capability Assessment Trials. 

Lady Sponsor, Lady Joanna Woodcock – wife to the former Second Sea Lord, Vice Admiral Sir Jonathan Woodcock -  arrived at A&P Falmouth to see the vessel for the first time since its naming ceremony in South Korea last year.  Entering A&P’s 252.8 metre long dry-dock to visit the 39,000 tonne tanker, Lady Joanna walked its length with Gerald Pitts, managing director of A&P Defence, Cdre Duncan Lamb, RFA Head of Service, and personnel from the MOD’s procurement organisation, Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S).   Gerald Pitts, Managing Director of A&P Defence said: “We were thrilled to welcome Lady Woodcock to A&P Falmouth and to show her RFA Tidesurge now that we have completed the vessel’s customisation.  The next phase of work is the Capability Assessment Trials which include demonstrating and proving the full capability of the vessel in relation to aviation and helicopter landings, Replenishment at Sea (RAS) trials with other ships and also radar (navigation and aviation), communication trials.”

A&P Falmouth is currently preparing for the arrival of the fourth and final tanker, RFA Tideforce, in August for its period of UK customisation, fit-out and sea trials.  These works will be completed by Christmas. 

To date, A&P has carried out UK customisation and Capability Assessment Trials for RFA Tidespring and RFA Tiderace.  RFA Tiderace recently  completed sea trials and her service of dedication took  place on 2nd August.

A&P has supported RFA Tidespring and its sister vessels since departing South Korea, working with ship staff and the MoD team. A&P will continue to support all four of the vessels in their future deployments, including operational support and the planning and execution of scheduled maintenance periods – be it at home or overseas.

A&P Group was awarded the Ministry of Defence (MOD) contract to customise and fit-out all four of the RFA’s new fleet Tide Class tankers and co-ordinate Capability Assessment Trials in 2015.