Sustainability Matters.

Our Vision.

A&P Group strives to be at the forefront of global engineering. To maintain this position, we must be committed to building a sustainable business which will continue to be successful for many years to come.

To achieve this aim, A&P has introduced Sustainability Matters - a brand new initiative which will lead to the creation of new economic, environmental and social policies within our corporate strategy to help conserve our resources and build a sustainable business.

Sustainability Matters will draw upon A&P’s core values to create a set of new behaviours and mindsets within the business to deliver sustainable gains to all our stakeholders.

Our Sustainable Business.

By building a sustainable business, we will:

  • Protect the future of A&P and nurture the next generation of workers.
  • Add value to our stakeholders.
  • Enhance the competitiveness of the business and support efficient growth.
  • Further develop A&P’s environmental credentials.
  • Help fund future innovation.

Taking Action.

By building a sustainable business, we will:

  • Eliminate or reduce waste from the products we use within our workplace.
  • Find energy efficient solutions.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and make a positive environmental impact.
  • Streamline business processes.
  • Build a sustainable workforce

Achieving our Goals.

There are several key steps we follow to ensure we achieve out goals:

  • Working with key stakeholders to set priorities
  • Strong leadership group to deliver the programme
  • Identifying sustainability matters representatives whithin the workspace and providing forums for discussion.
  • Measuring success
  • Rewarding success

Sustainability Matters creates an open forum to discuss economic, environmental, and social issues which will lead to the development of policies and processes which will bring about positive change.

Sustainability Matters Brochure

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