Social Value.

Supporting our Communities.

A&P has played a pivotal role in supporting their local communities, sustaining vital jobs and creating a lifeline for the North East, South West and the wider UK economy.

As the largest commercial ship repair and conversion specialist in the UK, we have earned an enviable reputation for delivering engineering strength across the commercial marine, major fabrication and defence sectors.

A&P Group provides huge potential for skilled employment in engineering trades in the region. We have a policy of recruiting locally first and then nationally.

Skills for the Future.

A&P Group’s apprenticeship scheme was established in 2008, with hundreds of apprentices launching a career in engineering, welding, procurement, finance and health and safety.

After completing their apprenticeships, many progress their career within A&P Group and gain further qualifications.

70% of the management, supervisors and technical staff at A&P Falmouth’s facility started their careers as apprentices themselves - demonstrating the positive impact of A&P’s apprenticeship programme.

Economic Value.

A&P Group delivers significant economic value through it supply chain. Over the last five years, A&P Tyne has spent approximately £75m through its supply chain, with an estimated 40% being spent in the North East.

A&P Falmouth has spent around £200 million in the same period, with approximately 25 per cent of this going to the local supply chain in the South West.

Equal Opportunities.

A&P Group strives to recruit female apprentices each year, engaging with local schools and colleges to promote careers in engineering to local young women.

A&P has recruited a number of mature women as apprentices, actively supporting them as they further their careers in engineering. A&P has taken on its first ever female Safety apprentice involving time at college and detailed workplace mentoring.

The A&P Group Code of Conduct policy ensures a more socially responsible and safety-conscious culture across the businesses. The Code of Conduct focusses on company values, employee relations and a zero tolerance approach, and summarises what is expected of employees to ensure diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace.

Support to Local Charities.

A&P is committed to supporting our local community and the company works with and supports various third sector organisations.

In 2021/2022, A&P Group named the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust (RNBT) as their charity of the year for two consecutive years. The RNBT provides financial assistance and support to Royal Navy personnel and their families in times of need.

In the North East, the company supports local charities such as Children’s Cancer North and Hebburn food bank, while Falmouth supports The Mission to Seafarers, 2020 CLIC Sargant and Hospice SW.

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