A Centre of Excellence for the Offshore Wind Sector.

A&P Group has a proud history of providing quality driven engineering solutions for six decades. With far reaching capabilities from two UK locations, today A&P is deploying its transferable skills, expertise and commercial agility to provide the offshore wind and tidal sectors with all the precision skills needed to sustain their operations here in UK waters and beyond.




Port Services

Marine Services

A&P Tyne.

A&P Tyne is A&P Group’s lead strategic site for the offshore wind sector - thanks to its prime location on the East Coast and proximity to the North Sea. A&P Tyne is strategically situated for Dogger Bank, Sofia, Norfolk Vanguard, Boreas, Seagreen, Neart na Gaoithe, Moray East & West, Hornsea and extension projects as well as others across Europe

A&P’s 66-acre facility on the south side of the River Tyne, comprises of extensive workshop facilities in excess of 23,000m2 with the capacity to undertake simultaneous major fabrication works in parallel with our marine and port services.

Fabrication Capabilities Include.

Fixed & Floating Foundation Structures

Offshore Substation Topsides

Turbine Components

Pontoons & Berthing Solutions

Transport & Instillation Structures

A&P is a proud member of the EnergiCoast industry group and we are working closely with key stakeholders to further the ambitions of the industry and support the Offshore Wind Sector Deal.

The location of existing wind farms and proposed new offshore wind developments combined with our fabrication, port services and marine capabilities makes A&P Tyne a prime hub for the offshore sector.

A&P Falmouth.

A&P’s vision is simple - to help make Falmouth a prime hub for the floating offshore wind sector - offering fabrication, construction, maintenance, port and marine services to developers and service companies.

A&P Group’s site in Falmouth is superbly located to support renewable activity off the south west coast of England. The combination of our extensive skills, port facilities, fabrication and engineering capabilities and marine service facilities make A&P an ideal partner for developers and contractors in the offshore market.

A&P recognises there is huge industrial potential for the south west economy, and we are proud members of the Local Enterprise Zone initiative. We have also been working closely with Cornwall and Isle of Scilly (COIS) LEP to consider and promote the opportunities for floating offshore wind development in the south west.

Falmouth FLOW.

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