Supply Chain.

Supporting Thousands of Jobs..

A&P has invested in nurturing local subcontractors and suppliers to benefit the regions.

These long-term relationships include some of our Subcontractors being resident at our facility continually for over 10 years.

There close long-term partnerships help the supply chain security of workflow providing confidence to invest in local employment.

Supply Chain Management.

At A&P all suppliers and contractors are assessed to ensure that they can provide the right quality of product on time, every time from an approved full traceable source that meets the requirements of its stringent Modern Slavery, Counterfeit Goods policies.

A&P Group is extremely experienced in purchasing and supply chain management for major MoD contracts. The management of vendors (OEMs, suppliers and contractors) is critical to the mitigation of a number of key business risks; health and safety, financial, and reputation.

A&P successfully manages the supply chain to mitigate any risks to performance of a contract and satisfy any additional needs that the Authority may have.

Our Suppliers.

A&P Group uses a pre-screened supply chain, which assigns a level of risk to the particular goods / services / material supply which means we invest most assessment time and effort in high risk categories.

For higher risk categories all certifications, insurances and financial stability checks are made and physical audits where necessary. All projects use this pool of organisations to undertake our work.

Cammell Laird is a great supporter of SME’s so we also ensure our supplier approvals process does not disadvantage smaller organisations.

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