6 Dec 2022

A&P Tees has successfully completed a hattrick of consecutive dockings of Tarmac’s Dredgers worth over £1.5m.

Suction Dredgers: The City of London; City of Westminster; and City of Chichester, have all benefitted from A&P’s expertise over the past three months.

The programme of works included a renewal survey of the City of Chichester, and routine maintenance of the City of London and City of Westminster.

The City of Chichester underwent an inspection of all tanks on board (including fuel, fresh water and water ballast), the removal, overhaul and refitting of the FWD Bow Thruster, and two full sets of propeller shafts removed and refitted.

The City of London and City of Westminster both underwent routine maintenance of their dredger equipment as well as repairs to the vessel itself.

Henry Dixon Project Manager at the Tees facility said: “The results of working collaboratively with Tarmac speak for themselves with both safety and schedule.

“The A&P team successfully completed the works on time – maintaining A&P Tees' reputation as a centre of excellence for dredgers, offshore vessels and tankers."

Dan Penfold, Fleet Manager at Tarmac, said: “We are delighted with the high standard of work undertaken at A&P Tees, their project teams have a strong history of docking our vessels and understand the requirements well.

"Three consecutive repairs is a great achievement and we look forward to returning to A&P Tees in the future."

City of London TARMAC