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A&P port and marine structures division works in steel and concrete. 

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Dockmaster Pontoon

Built using pre-cast concrete sections providing a quality finish and the ability for onsite assembly; pontoons from 2 Metre to over 20 Metres in width provide a versatile marine docking solution.  The patented DockMaster pontoon, which can offer a number of advantages over traditional pontoons, is exclusively licensed to Marine Designs Ltd.

Key Features Include: 

  • The pontoons satisfy the requirements of BS 6349 Pt 1 to provide a design life of 50 years in a marine environment. Minimum concrete cover to steel reinforcement is 50mm 
  • Each hinge 130 tonne break strength (on the 6 metre wide DockMaster) 
  • The DockMaster design concept can be scaled up to suit varying width and length requirements 
  • Variable Freeboard range from 0.3 metre to 2.5 metre 
  • 4 tonne vehicle drive-on capability as standard 
  • Top entry service channels of up to 1m width, down each side of the pontoons 
  • Integral mooring tubes with flared underwater entry for chain or rope moorings 
  • 5 to 20 tonne bollards as standard, higher capacities available on request 
  • Seaflex type moorings terminated out of sight inside mooring bollards. 
  • High quality smooth or patterned precast deck finishes available as well as wood fibreglass etc 
  • Non magnetic signature (passed for use as berths for Naval Minesweepers as seen in picture above) 
  • Made from Ecocrete, utilising pre mined aggregates 

Brow and Bridge Access

Like an entrance to a prestigious building, bridges and brows to pontoons provide the first impression to a marine facility, but they also have to be functional and meet stringent safety requirements. 

We have worked on landmark projects to design and manufacture an extensive range of bridges and brows for a variety of applications. We can work with you to produce the best access arrangement to your pontoon project and link this with the floating structure and it’s anchoring characteristics to create the best performance and results.

Please click here for information on our technical services.

Contact Details

South West Shipyard 
Cornwall, TR11 2SE

Enquiries: (0)1326 214755 
Email: info@marinedesigns.co.uk

Website: Marine Designs Limited web site

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