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A&P Falmouth offers a broad scope of facilities and equipment, allowing it to handle many different cargoes, from bulks to break bulk and containers. As Cornwall’s only deep-water port with alongside facilities, it is an important gateway to the South West of the country.

Cargo Handling

A&P Falmouth is capable of handling all types of general cargo – from coal and stone products to bulk fertilizers. The port’s strategic role in receiving casualties means that restowing and recovery of damaged cargo is also carried out by us on a regular basis.

Cruise Ship Facilities

A&P Falmouth has successfully marketed the port as a gateway to one of the UK’s premier tourist destinations: the Duchy of Cornwall. Many cruise providers make full use of the port for its transatlantic and European positioning, alongside facilities, sheltered deep-water anchorage and a purpose-built landing facility for passengers arriving by tender.

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Dock Estate

The Dock estate extends over 30 hectares with major operations of ship repair and port services, plus a full range of marine services from over 17 tenants. These include;

  • Falmouth Oil Services: providing bunkering and inland distribution services.
  • Falmouth Fish Selling: the port’s main fish landing and processing facility.
  • Pendennis Shipyard: prestigious yacht building and restoration projects with a global reputation.
  • Various smaller companies providing ship repair services and supporting local marine business activities including; Denholm Barwill, MTS Ltd, Braemar Howells Limited.


A 24-hour towage service is provided by Port Operations at Falmouth for all moves around the dock, the harbour, river or wider bay area. Currently the fleet consists of two matched twin Voith tractor tugs, each with a bollard pull of 20 tonnes and one Voith tractor tug with a bollard pull of 23 tonnes. A fourth Voith tractor tug with a bollard pull of 23 tonnes is available on request.

In addition there are 2 workboats, one of which can operate throughout the estuary ferrying men to work afloat, or taking stores and equipment to ships in the river or bay.

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Contact Details

Enquiries: (0)1326 214860 Marine Operations: (0)1326 214666
Email: drystan.jones@ap-group.co.uk

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